Remedial Construction & Environmental Dredging

Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of remediation services for the cleanup of sites and facilities contaminated by hazardous materials. Sevenson was founded in 1977 as a general contractor. Sevenson entered the environmental cleanup business in 1979 when Sevenson was selected as the principal contractor for remediation work at the Love Canal Superfund site in Niagara Falls, New York.

Since Love Canal, Sevenson has completed over 1,400 environmental remediation projects with a combined value over $3.8 billion, including projects at more than 123 Superfund Sites on the US Environmental Protection Agency's NPL list.

Sevenson is headquartered in Niagara Falls, New York, where Sevenson maintains its principal shop, yard and equipment maintenance facility. Sevenson also maintains offices in Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Sevenson's customers include major industrial companies and federal and state agencies. Sevenson provides services throughout the continental United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Sevenson owns and operates a fleet of conventional and specialized equipment and vehicles used in Sevenson's operations. For special applications, Sevenson designs and fabricates its own equipment and systems.



Project Summaries

Thorium Settling Pond Closure

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Love Canal Superfund Site

Niagara Falls, New York

Welsbach/General Gas Mantle Superfund Site

Camden and Gloucester City, New Jer…

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